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detected suspicious activity ... or not

We have received (so far) 2 emails from Cox claiming that "We've detected suspicious activity on your email account [and] and believe this email address password may be compromised or your computer may be infected with Malware. If you do not recognize this email account, it may have been created without your knowledge."  We regularly scan our Mac with MalwareBytes, and other utilities, seeing NO malware here. The email goes on to say that we should change our password(s). Is anyone else getting these things? Is there any way to get through the bureaucracy to find just what "suspicious" activity they are seeing?

Or is it just one of those annoyances ...

  • Both I and my Father in law got it too.  I started a lengthy chat with support, and he claimed it's part of a transition to a new system.  He seemed fairly clueless what was going on, but recommended password change.  But I also got a message on my account about my Autopay credit card expiring, and the system showed the card expired 11 months ago, but I know my Cox payment has been going through fine.  I think their system is all screwed up, and it is annoying enough to change the passwords on all devices accessing my email that I will just wait and see how this plays out.  If I don't lose access to my email and they make no further announcements, I'm leaving well enough alone.

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