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I’m paying for 100mbs only getting 10mbs

I recently upgraded my internet only getting 10 to 20 mbs instead of the 100. Talked  to customer care they said something about a weak signal. So a technician should come to my house within a couple a days to check it out. Everything sounds fine until the advised me I might have to pay 75 dollars. Why do I have to pay for something that’s not my fault? 

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  • If you recently upgraded with a self install, any technician within 30 days of that self install is considered a Professional install and the fine with it. This keeps people from getting free installs. However if the cause of the technician being needed is a outside problem, the fee is usually waived. It doesn't hurt to look at your bill and double check though.

    As for why your having the problem, did you want to troubleshoot? If so, can you explain the coaxial wiring from outside the house to the room the modem is in?

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