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error 504 when trying to save channel change update

Because my internet appears to be lagging, did some light research and was attempting to update my channel setting for 2.4ghz. receiving the error 504 after attempting to save this change multi times. Connections are good, have rebooted modem....nothing works. Can anyone help? Worked with rep on chat who just provided me with steps I had already taken. Then stated I need service call to have it checked out. Not sure why, service and equipment ARE BRAND NEW. Suggestions?

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  • but when I log back into the actual cox / mywifi website it stills shows as “automatic”,

    So you change it via the router but it doesn't change on the "MyWifi" site? If so, I would think that would be a non problem, assuming the issue is the gateway isn't updating the MyWifi site. The only important part is what channel the router is actually broadcasting at, which you can see with one of those apps.

    where do I find the model gateway you’ve asked me for

    It will be printed on the device, on a sticker, usually next to the FCCID. The most important part is if it's a Arris model or Technicolor model.

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