Xbox one slow upload speed

So everything in my home ( cell phones, laptop etc)  gets awesome speeds, except for my 2 xbox 1s' .  Anyone else having this issue?

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  • Hi Kevin

    i have had 4 different techs come out since this started in October last year. New wiring, no change. I have bought new equipment with no change. Everything is fine except upload to all Xbox consoles. As stated above when this post began, I believe this is a corporate wide service issue. Clearly everyone on this forum is geographically spread out, yet we all have terrible upload and all of us are averaging around 1.5 mb/s upload, where I should be getting 30mb/s upload. Microsoft has been blamed by your above coworkers, but if it was an Xbox Microsoft issue, why do my consoles work with an AT&T hot spot (15mb/s upload), Verizon, even windstream??? No one will help. I’m angry! You have cost me almost half my monthly income due to me not having the ability to stream. I can barely play a game. I also have 15 xbox owners/friends, 3 of whom work for cox, with this exact same problem just in my town. I don’t understand why you guys won’t hook an Xbox up to your service and see this issue for yourself. I did! I hooked my Xbox one x up to your internet at the local cox store in my town and showed them. In the 4 years I have been a customer, I have never had this issue with your company. All you and your coworkers have done is ask the same repeating questions to all of us...EXAMPLE “contact us by email and we can look at your equipment again”. And if it truely is Microsoft, why can’t one of you contact them to fix this issue? You have thousands of Xbox gamers as your customers! A company calling versus a single customer calling is night and day different. You don’t need to look at anything other than the services you provide and the services you promised to provide.

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