Edmond OK packet loss Issue

I have a routine 10+% packet loss during a 24 hour period. I've had two technical out.  Both tested signal on the line and say signal is fine. First tech swapped my cable modem.  Second tech test mainline signal to my house, mainline signal to my cable modem and both are fine and within acceptable specs. 

I showed the second technician my ping log which shows intermittent packet loss.  Last night after the second technician left, the ping log was clean for about 3-4 hours then I'll see an intermittent packet loss.  Some  times it's 1 or 2 packets lost in a 1 minute ping interval.  Sometimes it may be a couple of minutes. 

By testing signals, this issue may never get solved?  They're testing Level 1 network signals when the issue seems to be at level 2 and 3.