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Cox data usage discrepancies

I have had Cox for 3 months now. The first month I had data jumps from my normal data usage. The second day I had it my usage jumped to 220 gigs even though my normal daily usage is between 10 and 25 daily. I have continued to see these spikes over the last 3 months even though I change my password once a week. I have had to purchase more data once already. Their prices are ridiculous. I monitor my usage daily and there is no plausible reason for these spikes. I have contacted Cox twice about this but they seemed unconcerned.

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  • Just as an aside, I have a network monitor on my router and it's really close to what cox is reporting.  I thought they were off too, until i put in the monitor and started noticing all the traffic that I didn't expect.  Most of it was from background updates to games or OS and continual streaming.  My mother had the same issue and she lived alone and didn't use internet that much (she thought).  It turns out she was using a fireTV stick that kept streaming after she turned off the TV.  She didn't realize that she was eating up her usage when the TV was off.  once she figured that out it was all sorted.

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