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1TB CAP - Seriously?

I started my relationship with Cox in 2013.  I had a complete bundle (TV+Phone+Internet) and paid a fair amount per month.  They sold me on some guarantee lock, and other non-sense that were misrepresented.  I was under the impression I was good for 2 years based on the guarantee lock.  However, after 1 year, the cost of my bill went up by a hundred bucks.  I called and managed to work a few things and eventually it only went up 30 bucks. A year later, it went up 70 dollars. I made a call talked to their LOYALTY department and managed to get discounts, so instead of 70 dollars, the bill went up by an additional 25 dollars. The following year, again the bill goes up and they tell me things have changed. I called loyalty department and managed to get some discounts even though bill still on the rise.  

Anyways, make a long story short, the loyalty department is there to make you feel better, as your bill rises by 100 dollars, the loyalty department applies some discounts for loyalty and drops it by 20 or 30 bucks. You feel like a winner and you commit to paying your bills even though it went up by 70 to 80 dollars.  Point being its just a "MONOPOLY" system. Most people in my area have no other cable option other than COX. Therefore, COX can do all they want to jack up prices until they strike the nerves and eventually people like myself say "ENOUGH is Enough" after 5 years.   I eventually cut off my cable and phone because it was too expensive and stuck with just the premier internet, which gave me 150 mbps, and unlimited usage.

I learned yesterday, that as of September 2017, they changed the rules and capped it at 1 TB.  I get a notification a few days ago and the notification stated that I am about to hit 1 TB and that i will have to pay additional sums for going over limit.  I called the company and talked to a rep, they told me that I can pay an additional 49.99 for unlimited, or 25.99 for 500 GB more. I said why would i do that? this is ridiculous? they forward me to loyalty department, loyalty department was willing to add a 17 dollar discount, however, that doesn't change my situation. I still have to purchase additional Gigs... or I'll keep running into this issue. So I sat there thinking about every year, how COX continues to jack up contracts and change plans and steal money.  I am sick and tired of this corporate thievery. I understand that you are not in the business of handing out free things, you are in the business of making money but a company that cannot adhere to a contract and continues to change policies is a company that you just cannot trust.  

Therefore, I have decided to completely end my relationship with this company period. In addition, I have also decided to inform every living soul that engages with the large youtube and social media following to discuss this on their next episodes.  This is the beginning of something great. It's not for me it's for everyone that continues to have this issue. I know Cox is not the only cable company with such problematic business. Majority of them are in the same game.  This is why they partitioned areas in order to monopolize by only providing one option, while the alternative options for internet are DSL. I am just not going to put up with this anymore. Nor is anyone else. Completely done with the nonsense.  Can't wait to see these companies struggle, while the online world continues to take over the TV business. 

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  • I can't wait for competitors in my market.  I will drop Cox so fast...even if they went back to no caps, I would drop them on principal.  right now, i'm trying to figure out how to cut my video tiers and go just internet.  I think based on the video saving I can get better internet speeds and more video resources for much less...cox will lose out because they are short sighted.

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