Change of date for scheduled auto payment


I called in and talked to customer support for quite a while this past Thurs/Fri.  I have now retired so my pay dates have changes so my first check is deposited in my account on the 2nd Wed of the month.  Since we had been paying on the 5th before, we knew the auto pay would cause an overdraft and as assured the date of deduction would be changed for this month on the 15th but that by doing this I would also have to pay 10 pro-rated days.   I agreed although did mention that as much as our cable has just crashed and for the days and hours where we had no access to the internet I would think they would waive this prorate amount in an exchange for lack of service but she said the most she could do is offer me a 10 dollar credit.

So, not too happy but agreed as long as they changed the date of direct payment to the 15th that day to avoid me being overdrawn.]

Well, went to pick up meds today and got an insufficient funds notice..And yep,,,it did not get changed per our agreement and now I have a tick for overdraft and couldn't get my meds.

I am upset for sure and would now ask that Cox pay any fees that will be charged to me by the bank and that the change to the deduction date be exempt from the 10 day pro- rate fee as a good faith action of apology for this very long long long time customer..

Has anyone had this issue and how did you handle it?



  • Hi Dianne, I'd like to review your account regarding this matter. To do so please provide your complete address and account name via a Facebook private message, Twitter direct message, or an email to and include your original post as an attachment. We're here to help. -Thanks, Carol