email problems

what is wrong with the new email system? Terrible!!

  • Hi Npguy, what issues are you experiencing with the new email platform? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Frankly it's system wide and sporadic... sometimes paralyzingly slow and sometimes default speed (not fast but acceptable).  It appears to be a product of work on servers that Cox may or may not be involved with (outsourcing) but since the company regards information related to work on their network as "privileged" they're going to approach posts about the stalls and connection errors as though they are originating from your computer and enlist your cooperation in this ruse- though to be fair the mods here may be no more in the loop than we are.

    This has been an ongoing issue since Cox imposed this "upgrade" on its money farm customer base largely without much notification or instruction- leaving us to negotiate changes in behaviors on our own... well meaning support here is of limited use as I'm convinced they weren't given much more information than we were.

  • stinkfoot63's comments. He/she describes the problems accurately. Was in the IT industry for many years...and I know that the email issue is not the users that are the problem...but your email system. Cox needs to "own" it and fix.