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Problems getting cable from pole to house buried

I have been struggling to get Cox to follow up on burying the cable from the pole to my house.  Currently the line is strung overhead to my house.  I started this process over a month ago by calling and asking if this could be done.  I was working with Dominion Power to also bury the electric line from the pole to my house.  Cox stated that this would make things easier because they could simply use the same trench that Dominion did to bury the electric line.

I have called multiple times to follow up and each time am told that I need to speak to technical support.  While the technical support people are pleasant enough, they cannot see nor can they help me with any of my questions about why the line has not been buried.  I finally got to speak to the construction crew who assured me that my line would be buried today (9/14).  I come home and lo and behold, the line is not buried as promised and no one at Cox can tell me why the work was not done.  

I am tired of not being able to call and get a simple answer to my question.  I am tired of technical support staff who tell me "oh well this process takes time".  I even had one try to blame the failure of the crew not getting back to me on Hurricane Flo (this was on Wednesday before the storm even approached the east coast).  Sorry...not an excuse.  Dominion came out and did their work and they can be pretty frustrating to deal with too.  But Cox is even more frustrating.  

At this point...will I ever get this project completed?  Will I ever be given a direct line where I can get a straight answer without having to wait on hold for 40 minutes only to be told "well, we can't see the notes in the system, you'll have to wait for a call back from someone else".