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New modem

I got a new modem cause the old one die and need to activate new one how do I do that?

  • Hello Oneill348,

    Please send us an email to with your full name, account holder's full name, and street address so we can further assist with activating a new modem on your account.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • There are several ways if you don't want to go through for some reason. You can also call up Cox and give them the modems serial number, model number, and MAC address.

    Or depending on the modem and the area, you might be able to hook the modem up yourself and use the self activation system to register them modem on Cox's system. If you use that method, make sure to connect the modem direct to the PC with ethernet. The modem should redirect your browser to a internal Cox webpage where you can enter in your account information.