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Parental Controls Help

I have the DG2460 model. Below is what my user settings look like when logged in to the parental controls section.

I wanted to set up keyword filtering along with websites to keep kids off and away from certain things/sites. According to the user guide for this device there SHOULD be a section there that says keyword filtering and there is not.

Is there a way to get this feature with an update or something?? Or another way I can put keyword filtering in place?

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  • Might be a couple things creating this "perfect storm."  I haven't read its manual but I'll stab in the dark.

    1) You can log onto the router wirelessly but not administer except, it appears from your image, to add MAC addresses.  No other admin options.

    2) You can log onto the router wired and still not administer.

    As far as wireless administration, there may be an option to enable wireless or remote administration.  That's a security feature on some routers.  A hacker may log onto your router but can't add, change or delete any settings via the wireless hack.  If you want to administer wireless, look for this feature.

    As far as the wired administration, you may still have to enter the MAC address of your desktop.  I have an older router and haven't frequented newer routers, so I've only seen MAC addresses used for MAC Address Filtering.  MAC Address Filtering permits certain device by MAC address to log onto your network.  A MAC Address Filtered router would deny any connection of a device not listed in your Filter.  Add your desktop MAC.

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