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Data Caps forced me to cut cord

So been a Cox subscriber from way back when the @Home meltdown happened ( 2001? ) and our area became Cox. I have always been happy with my service, it was not always the cheapest or the fastest but stability was good and I had a single company to call for all my services.

Recently I was informed that I was approaching my "data cap" I had no idea there was even a data cap, turn out it was always there Cox just decided to start enforcing it, ( unless you did Giga blast before the announcement which they printed in fine print ) - Turns out we all have a 1TB data limit. Yeah, a data limit like a cell phone.

I am in this industry - I build networks and data centers for a living I understand the trends in technology and know where the market is going. I could totally see Cox doing something like this for someone who only buys data... They must be getting their voice and tv from the cloud so let's tax them for the data, but to apply this to someone who gets the full bundle? What are you thinking? 

Take this example, last month I paid: 



Then I was hit with a 10.00 over 1TB bandwidth charge. 

I called to talk to Cox about it, and they would not budge, instead, they told me I could do unlimited data for 40.00 more. I told them I wanted to cut my services and they forwarded me to retentions. First of all, this was the rudest department I have ever dealt with. Man gets on the line I explain the problem and he says "What do you want me to do for you?" I replied to remove the data cap. He told me it was impossible and I should change providers ( Remember this is account retentions the people who are supposed to talk you out of leaving ) 

So instead of cutting my nose off to spite my face, I did some math:

Current TV cost: $172.97

Internet Cost: $99.00


  271.97 a month *not counting fee and tax etc. 

Now let's add $40.00 for unlimited bandwidth: 


+ $40.00



Now let's remove TV Service:


- $172.97



Now let's add slingtv 


+ 25.00



We are now at $164.00 for just about the same services however I do not have a data cap anymore. Seems to me Cox did some bad planning here, earning $10.00 a month for an overage fee or even $40.00 a month for unlimited without taking in the fact that IPTV is here has left $147.97 in my pocket. I tried to give cox ever chance to stop this but they forced me down this road, so this month at the end of the month I will join my friends as being a cord cutter. 

My advice do the math cut the cord lock in your unlimited bandwidth now. 

  • I will look into this too. The cap is 1TB for Gigablast which I would expect to be at least 2TB given the speeds. Not worth upgrading to Gigablast at this point and have to worry about going over the cap constantly. If they move the cap to 2TB I'll probably upgrade.