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Why does it take an onsite technician visit to repair a problem in the network?

 Last night Cox did maintenance on the internet to my house (and others I assume).  Today my modem will not connect to the internet.  Yet they want to send someone to my house?  Incredibly stupid and it wastes more of my time.  Why not fix the problem in the network and get me back online.  

Even the tech I was on call with knows it isn't my house.  But he has no way to escalate the call to someone who can repair the problem remotely and NOW.  Instead I go without internet (or whatever this is costing via Verizon) to conduct business.

Very poor way to run a network.

  • Under these circumstances, you might want to insist on being transferred to Tier 2 Internet Support.  Once transferred, ask for the Tech's name who answers and ascertain if he/she is, in fact, in Tier 2.  If you are denied being transferred to Tier 2, get the Tech's name and city location, then perhaps contact customer support and ask to speak with someone in "Escalations" or "Customer Loyalty".

  • Hi JamesLB, if you've bypassed any splitters, connected your modem directly to a coax outlet, (perhaps even trying a second coax outlet) and still can't get your modem to synchronize with the Cox network, there is nothing else we can do to remotely restore your service. Also, if it turns out the issue is truly an outage, it may be resolved prior to your appointment. In that case, you can simply cancel the service call. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator