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Why are we paying for this, and how do we get a refund for services that don't work? Cox had a one time $75 charge for upgrades to an unreliable mess that does down 1-10x a day. We have been sold stuff we don't need, and it just gets keeps getting

Our internet, & phone go down on average about 2x a day. Cox's phone tech said, we needed a new modem, that would be free, but the battery backup cost $50, or the phone won't work when the power is out. I doubt the modem was the problem as the outages & numerous modem resets continued just like before. A tech came out, and replaced splitters & connectors, told us the problem was with an amplifier in the branch service line in the alley. After another outage, the phone hasn't worked since. The audio goes out on the TV, and the picture tiles, and the modem continues to need constant resetting. When I scheduled the tech to come out, Cox tries to sell me a service package. If they can't keep their own equipment working, why would I want these idiots running loose inside my house? Cox needs to refund about $300 for down time, or we are about to go to DSL, and try something else. We have just agreed that going to a cell phone is cheaper than Cox's competition, and it is decidedly more reliable, as Cox's service is so bad, it has become two steps below pathetic. I have used satellite internet in some of the most remote mountainous areas of the USA & Canada, and even it put's Cox's service to shame. I am sick of the hidden fees, false promises and out and out contemptible lies that Cox's telephone service techs resort to, for lack of any better reasons for their terrible intermittent service. We have been with Cox for at least 15 years, maybe twenty. We had horrible TV reception due to one of their genius techs burying 3 barrel splices in bare earth, with no rubber tape or telco mastic. When they finally did replace the line between the pedestal in the alley and the house, the tech said that unless we upgraded to "the premium package" he was not going to bury the cable. THAT IS THE LEGAL DEFINITION OF EXTORTION! I also have it on an SD card! That was probably one of their contract techs. The last tech replaced splitters and cable ends, but said that the levels in the alley were fluctuating. I assume that was a Cox truck that was fixing an amplifier, as the internet, phone & TV went down, but now we have no phone service and my elderly mother is awaiting a call regarding medical issues. Service from Cox has turned into a total nightmare. The email severs went down, and I could not pay my bills, or renew software. THANKS COX! I appreciated the ding to my 800+ credit score, and $300 an hour tech service to set up software again.  I did secure data systems for defense contractors, like Raytheon, Motorola GEG, Allied Signal, Honeywell, General Dynamics, Boeing, Talley, Airtuff, etc. These corporations work on everything from top secret military communications, weapons, aviation, to tools for the now retired Space Shuttle. Every RG6  coax runs from Cox's service box straight to a modem, or set top box, so NO SPLICES OR SPLITTERS INSIDE ATTICS WALLS OR CRAWL SPACES! If it's screwed up, it's Cox!