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Upload speeds in afternoon are slow, morning is great.

My upload speeds are terrible, specifically in the afternoons. Streaming and uploading anything is painful at this point. Im connected directly pc to modem. Early in the morning its screaming fast though.

Thoughts anyone?

Here are the results from this afternoon for a continuous upload.

  • Hi Tracisting, your modem is reporting high packet loss. I recommend a service call. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Same issue here.  Daytime speeds are fine, but once sunset hits (or rather 6-7pm CST), my upload speed drops dramatically and is now lasting for hours.  I thought the issue had resolved itself a week ago, but it has reared its head even worse now.  My download speeds are completely unaffected though...   I will be arranging a tech visit next week   :(

  • I have been dealing with the same thing for a month and a half on gigablast. 4 Tech visits, 2 canceled tech visits, replaced tap, replaced cabling. First signals were too high, now they are too low yet im still paying for this. Something has to give.