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Modem Issues

We've had Cox Internet for approximately 3yrs. It has been horrible. We reset the modem about three or four times a day sometimes. There's never a day there isn't a minimum of twice a day. And that's when we are only home in the evening!  We've called and of course Cox says everything fine. They send technicians out and they say everything is fine. 

I'm here to say EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE! The only suggestion we get everytime is to upgrade our internet package. But it seems when we talk to someone, there's a "new package" and upgrading is the only fix. But they will give it to me at a promotional rate. Don't I feel like the lucky customer of the day? No. The answer is no. I feel violated by Cox Communication. Luckily (for real), AT&T sent us something saying they are soon to be available in our area.  Once they do, I'm going to social media and door to door in my neighborhood.  I don't work for AT&T, but they may want to put me on their payroll after this one. I will speak to everyone at work. Rate them on YELP and blast COX name on every social media site. Thanks to a Cox representative, I found out how to test my speed and compare it to the package I pay for every month. For almost $70 a month I should be able to have Google read my mind and search sh$# for me. Oh wait...

... that will take too long. I don't have that much time to search stuff. I couldn't even write about this modem issue. I had to use my Verizon internet. Why? Because my fricking modem needs to be reset AGAIN.

I can't wait to get rid of Cox for good. Im so happy there are finally alternatives. Is AT&T good internet? I've had issues. But never like COX. This is a clear case of choosing the lesser of two evils.

  • Hi JnKRivers,

    This isn't the way we want you to feel about us or our internet service. We'd hate to lose you as a customer before taking a closer look at what is causing the chronic issues you describe. According to our records, the last time a technician was out for a service appointment was over 18 months ago (Feb 2017). In reviewing the modem we are seeing packet loss. We'd like to schedule a technician to further investigate your issues. You can reach out to us on our Facebook page (, our Twitter handle (, or email at

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator