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Why do internet filters not work?????

I have created several spam filter rules for my inbox.  However lately, it seems that they no longer block a specific phrase that I blocked.  I have blocked the phrases “Cannabis Oil” and CBD in the from, subject, and body of the message because of the incessant (4-5 times a day) spam messages.  Lately, the spam filter has failed to pick it up.  It seems the subject is printed in a smaller, all caps font which your spam filter does not pick up on and it still comes through into my inbox.  Furthermore, one of the message circumvented a 2nd spam filter to block all messages that contain a specific physical address in Valley Cottage, NY within the body of the message.  Not only is the amount of spam (at least 25 messages per day) received frustrating, but it is even more frustrating that an attempt to divert these messages to spam doesn’t work either.  

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  • The most annoying spam (Candy.., Simplisafe) need to filtered at the Cox email server level. Both the sender name and email address of the sender are changed in every email. They are spoofing their address and changing names and subjects to evade user filtering. Filtering needs to be done at the system level, looking at the actual domain(s) that are the source. However since the company that Cox outsourced their email system to doesn't seem to do system level filtering, we users are stuck with a spammed system, and perhaps the slowest email system that exists today.

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