Severe packet loss (Upload) to amazon web services (Fortnite) - UPDATE 1/9

UPDATE - I suspect this packet loss issue may be fixed very soon. Maybe within the next week. That's all I'll say for now - I'll update again soon

Yep, another AWS packet loss post. Have none of the past customers with this issue had their problems actually resolved?

I'm consistently getting 0-10% packet loss to Amazon web services (both west and east servers) making fortnite unplayable. No, I do not have this problem with other games I play as they do not use Amazon web services to host their servers. This seems to be an issue with the path cox routing takes to AWS servers.

my cox tracert to AWS west (oregon):

my cox tracert to AWS west ( :

my cox tracert to AWS east:

my tethered AT&T iphone to AWS west:     - interesting how AT&T LTE is a legitimately better connection to AWS than vegas's "best" ISP

No I'm not using a puma 6 modem. I have the cisco DPQ3212.

puma 6 test anyway:

I've already troubleshot by hardwiring to modem directly with the same results. I've unplugged the power on router and modem (although it stays on) numerous times, as well as coax.

Here's a tracert of another cox customer with the same exact problems:

and another:      (there are many more tracerts exactly like these; it also seems like we're all dropping packets at the exact same servers)

now here's a tracert of a cox customer in phoenix (to AWS west) who has 0% packet loss:

A reddit thread furthering the evidence that this is explicitly a cox issue and not a personal one:

I would appreciate real effort in getting this resolved - I know I'm going to be told this is a personal issue when it obviously simply is not. Thanks in advance

  • Hello Cox,

    I'm a fellow gigablast internet subscriber that is having the same exact issues as A LOT OF people in the southern California region. I'm in San Diego and I have amazing download speeds reaching that of 950+ consistently.

    Speedtest results:

    Networking Equipment:

    Tried 2 different Docsis 3.1's and both encountered same issue thus not LAN

    Cat 7 cables

    Multiple devices tested: Xbox X, 2,000$ PC (Both experience the same packet loss symptoms)

    ^The only reason I listed the above is to give you a sense that my equipment is top of the line equipment. The data loss isn't coming from the equipment nor the LAN

    Now the huge problem which degrades the entire service is this constant packet loss while using upstream towards AWS servers. I have diagnosed this through using ping plotter and viewing packet loss in between hubs passing data. The intensive upstream applications that I have experienced packet loss with are twitch (while streaming) and Fortnite. The Fortnite lag is so unbearable. All throughout the day 24/7 there is a constant nonstop packet loss ranging from 1%-6% then sporadic jumps up to 32% or so. It literally makes the game impossible to play as gunfights within the game are losing frames and data causing me to be essentially at a disadvantage 24/7.

    I understand sending out Techs is the first option and step to resolving this, however, by the looks of this issue it seems systematic. We as customers pay for our service to dependable and up to date as this is 2018. We want to play this game while it's popular and not 4 months from now when you deserve to believe this is a huge problem.There is in reality data loss on the upstream end of things causing Fortnite to be unplayable. The only game I play right now is Fortnite thus me having to be subjected and forced into packet loss by an incompetent ISP who either is over utilizing nodes or using incompetent hubs that incur data loss is petty in 2018.

    I have had 3 techs and the most recent one(DEC7) said there was data loss and they would have maintenance crews out there and if by Sunday the packet loss is till there notify someone.

    One condensed sentence that sums up the entire problem: When cox users go to utilize there upstream while connecting to services on AWS such as playing FORTNITE or streaming to TWITCH their incurring packet loss causing online gaming to be impossible or degraded services. 

    I need this fixed please! I want to play fornite and knowing that every single gunfight is utterly affected by ISP issues makes it useless and a waste to play.

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