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Why is there a service outage in my area EVERY DAY?!

Is there a reason why for the past several weeks there has been daily service outages in the Virginia Beach, Va area? And the outages last for several hours and occur almost the same time every day. It either occurs in the mornings and if does not occur in the mornings then happens late at night and last into the early morning hours? And these are the ones that are reported on the site/app there are "bumps" in service that last several minutes but enough to lock up the Contour box to where it gets lost and won't change channels or tells me I dont have service to the selected channels but mostly disrupts programs on my computer to where my computers say I have no Internet connection so have to reboot my modem and router and some cases reboot computers. This has gotten quite aggravating and paying too much money for daily "intermittent" service. What are the causes of these daily service outages?

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    That doesn't sound good and we like to take a look. Please, email your full-service address and the primary name of the account holder to

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