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MoCA 2.0 over coax feature required in order to use the COX Arris TG2472G for just internet and wifi?

We are updating our COX internet service with 300/30 Mbps. The new service agreement requires the Arris Touchstone TG2472G for Internet and wifi. (Not using the COX telephone service that comes with it) Can we install and effectively use the TG2472G without the MoCA 2.0 over coax technology? Is there a good reason to use MoCA 2.0?  seems to only facilitate transferring files between users at home (peer to peer) which we don't need to do. If we used MoCA 2.0, would this require either a splitter/repeater or a new coax outlet? We have had laggy TV reception in the past with this method. PURPOSE and GOAL: avoid bandwidth interference and slower internet speeds due to a shared connection between Arris TG2472G internet/wifi and Cisco DPQ33212 Cable TV receiver. Installing additional Coax connection is currently a very expensive option.