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Outage in Sun City Festival

This outage has been going on SOLID for over 24 hours now.

Each time I check the status, the "resolution" time keeps getting farther and farther into the future.

Why should I be paying for a service that does not work?

I can get a T-Mobile "Cell-Spot" and just cut you guys off.

The least you can do is explain why it's been down for so long.



  • Have you been told it's a outage or are you just assuming? Do your neighbors have service? If so, you have other services besides internet? If so, are they down? If possible, can you post the modem's signal levels from

    PS. This is a public forum and you are talking to other users. 

  • My "Home" page says it's an "Outage" - The modem lights are not lit up properly showing a connection - yes I have POPOd the modem.

    The good news is that it came back online last night - but my home page still shows "outage in my area".

    I told them to text me when it was up but they never did.

    Yes I know I am in a public forum, otherwise what's the point?


  • Glad it's back up.

    Yes I know I am in a public forum, otherwise what's the point?

    Your wording made it sound like you were leaving a complaint for Cox. I guess it was the "you guys" part that made me think that. Some people post their entire name and address thinking this is a direct forum, so I like to always make it clear. There are a few moderators around that can/do help, but the forum was designed to let other users help users instead. Anyway, welcome to the forum!