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I can't access to IPV4 websites after moving to Cox from Comcast with my Arris SB7580 modem

I recently switched from Comcast to Cox and my working modem is now no longer working with Cox, I can access to IPv6 websites but no IPv4 websites.  I had this issue with Comcast when I bought the Arris SB7580 modem but they were able fix the problem.  I need help from Cox technical folks because the tech guy on the phone were not able to fix the issue.   

  • How did they fix it with Comcast? Also, how long has the modem been online with Cox now? It might require a automatic firmware update which happens in 48-72hrs.

    Also, how are you using the modem(gateway)? Do you have it bridged to use your own router or is it your main router?