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Throttling internet speed when streaming

I recently dropped Cox cable but kept Preferred internet. Right now I am at 18% usage and the last few days have noticed when I try to stream video my internet speed drops dramatically. I called tech support and checked speed and suddenly it was normal. My usual internet speed is 100+ mbps upload and 10+ mbps download. when streaming it drops to 10-15 mbps download and 3-5 mbps upload.

Could this be retaliation from Cox for dropping cable? Has anyone else experienced this situation?

  • What are your streaming specs set to? Also, how are you testing your speed. I would suggest from a different computer that is connected via ethernet to the router. 

    Also, what model modem and router do you have?

    Last, can you post your signal levels? I know Cox said they were good, but can't hurt to have a look.

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