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Removing devices

I have panoramic WiFi and had a couple questions... One can I remove devices from my WiFi I changed the password and it still shows on the list just not connected.Is there anyway I can disable a device so when like a kid is in trouble they can't sneak on thanks in advance.

  • I don't have Panoramic, so I don't know about the list.  However, it's not removing or disabling devices but instead blocking or restricting wireless devices on your router.  Yes, you can do that and there are lots of methods.

    I  think changing the password would be effective.  However, if this is just a temporary suspension, I'd reduce your kid's access time.  Meaning, most routers have Time Schedules to allow access.  For example, if you don't want your kids up all night on their tablets, block access from 9 PM to 6 AM.  This may be the easiest administrative solution.

  • You sure that device isn't connected wirelessly? Also, does it go away when you turn the device off?  I know some routers have glitches that show wired connections are wireless. Or it could be showing you a DHCP reservation you set.

    Other then that, there is no manual for the gateways features, so you will have to explore the web UI for options. If you show screenshots, we might be able to help.  Or maybe a moderator will be able to help. Good luck.