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Modem stopped working

We just had a storm go through when I was at work. When I got home, the modem was completely shut off. It was plugged in, but no lights are coming on. I’ve tried unplugging it for several minutes and plugging it back in, and I’ve tried resetting it. What do I do? I have only had this modem for two days.

  • Ouch,  that stinks. What's the return policy on where you bought it? If it won't power on, then something is broken. Could be just the power supply, but even that is 10-20$. Do you have phone service that they might be able to use the phone modem for internet? If not, I can't think of any way around buying a new modem.

    When you do, I would suggest double checking that your coaxial from the street connects to a ground block before it enters your house. That will help protect you from some surges, however if we are talking lightening, anything is possible.