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How to get cox to upgrade my Netgear C6300 Modem to newest firmware

I have the cox ultimate package but am only getting average download speeds of 40mbs while hardwired!!! I know that there is a new firmware update for my C6300 which should be V2.01.18 and mine currently is V2.01.14. Can we please get this update to happen?

  • Hi James24, it doesn't look like V2.01.18 has been approved by the Cox internet administrators yet. It will be automatically pushed to your modem once approved and released. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Hi Becky. Just because I know OP is going to bring it up, it looks like it is tested as per this netgear document. Is it a local limitation?

    Internet Service Provider N450 (CG3000DV2) C3000/C3700 C6220 C6250 C6300 C6900 C7000 C7000v2 C7100V C7500 C7800 Cable Orbi (CBK/CBR40)
    Comcast (Deployed Firmware) V3.01.17 V2.02.18 V1.01.26 V1.01.24 V2.01.26 V1.01.26 V1.01.28 V1.02.08 V2.01.33 V1.01.32 V3.01.38 V1.01.05
    Spectrum (Approved Firmware) V3.01.17 V2.02.18 V1.01.26 V1.01.26 V2.01.22 V1.01.27 V1.01.29 V1.02.09 N/A V1.01.32 N/A V1.01.05
    Cox (Approved Firmware) V3.01.16 V2.02.17 V1.01.15 V1.01.24 V2.01.18 V1.01.21 V1.01.28 V1.02.08 N/A V1.01.23 V3.01.36 V1.01.05
    All other ISPs (Current Production Firmware) V1.02.10 V2.02.08 V1.01.17 V1.01.13 V2.01.18 V1.01.21 V1.01.23 V1.02.06 N/A V1.01.32 V3.01.36 V1.01.05