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Trying to Understand rg-11 Coax cable

I'm going to be replacing my coax cable running from the street to my house about 100ft. I Currently have a Gigablast plan but Im no where close to gigabit advertised speeds. So I'm thinking about running RG-11 (Series11) cable ti minimise signal loss.I was going to bury the cable in grey conduite about 8'inch down, I do realize this might be overkill but that is they way I roll. My question is am I on the right track. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or should do different?  

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  • I would suggest scheduling a technician to come out to your house before you do anything. Not only might they do it on their dime, but even if you do it, you need to know where their demarc will be. Do you have a sub-pole or something unusual? I would think this would be a typical request to ask a Cox technician.

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