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Spam headache

After going to Mexico 2 months ago, I cannot keep up with the amount of international foreign language spam I'm getting. Is the only alternative to change my email address? I've had this address for 20 years and don't wan to.  I use a Mac and usually access my email vial that, occasionally I clean out my to make more space. Please help!! 

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  • Not really. I assume you gave your email address to the travel agency or hotel? If so, someone sold it to spammers. Once they have it, there isn't much you can do. You can use a email client like Outlook or Thunderbird (with IMAP) to create custom rules to stop the spam, but that requires moderate effort and upkeep. Cox has filters you can use too, but IMO they aren't robust as ones found in email clients, and their general anti-spam is horrible. Even worse since the new email platform. 

    I would suggest trying to get the username under a different domain to make it easier for people who knew your old one. Gmail is free and easy, and has anti-spam second to none. You could also create a different username under your current one. I think you can have up to 6 and it's a good idea to have one you use just for things you think will lead to spam, like credit card applications agencies.