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Channel issues

I check my modem status once a week for the past few months.  I have noticed the same channels have the same issues.


This also my event log

I do have random slowdowns as low as 50mbps for a capable 300mbps. If I was to give a daily average it’s probly 200mbps. I just have been noticing a trend and was curious.  Any suggestions?

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  • How would I locate the wire issue?

    Isolate and eliminate. Start by seeing if it happens hook directly to the drop and see how your signal levels are different. Then move it to each splitter in line and see when the problem starts. The corect way ofcourse is to use a meter, but those are thousands of dollars. You can kind of use the modem as a meter though, by moving it around with a laptop connected to it to get signal levels from the page. 

    The first thing I would check is that you don't have the modem on any amps, and it is on the first splitter or no splitter. Also make sure the splitter is new and looks to be in good shape. Last, visually look at any coaxial wire that is outside. Look for chew marks or anywhere moisture might be leaking in.