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I havent gotten on my compter for awhile, only checked email via my phone. We now I need to search for an email from 6 months ago and I am missing emails from October through January! Its now asking me for a password? Ive never used a password to retrieve email! Wheres my old emails?!? And how do I find out my password?

  • What do you use (double click on) to read your email? Outlook? My guess is the changes to Cox's email platform required a password change. See Cox support article here on changing your password. Make sure to change it to something you have never used before, just in case there is a security issue on your account.

    The reason it is asking you for the password now is because the one it has saved inside is no longer correct. Once you change it through the website, enter the new password and make sure to use the username and NOT That should download all the mail Cox has on their server. It might download to a new folder, so try using the search function in Outlook to search all your folders. If emails are still missing at that point, then you have a issue that a moderator might be able to help with.