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scrolling to older e-mail very slow

Does anyone have a slowness problem with trying to scroll back in time to an older e-mail?  I'm trying to access an e-mail that's over a year old in my Inbox.  As there now seems to be no way to move forward multiple pages or messages at a time it now seems that one has to laboriously scroll through the months of messages.  It gets slower and slower the further I go back in time and in some instances hangs up entirely as if it is trying to reload everything over and over again.  This seems to have become a problem with this new version of webmail.  It seems to be a problem regardless of what computer I'm using.  At work I used a desktop with a very fast internet connection which made no difference.  I don't work there any more and have only my laptop at home now which I bought in March so it's not an old machine.  I need to access older e-mails from contacts as part of my job search effort and this problem makes it close to impossible.  I'm using IE11 as my browser.  Any help, thoughts, ideas are welcome.

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  • With the new webmail version, the list of emails is a rolling screen and not page numbers anymore.

    So is it possible webmail was designed by the same people who designed this forum? I find the new scrolling system to be very slow on threads with lots of comments. I imagine webmail must be the same way. The only way around it is to use a email client instead of their bad webmail.

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