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Arris TM3204 Problem.

 I recently had my phone service changed to VoIP. They installed an Arris TM3204 modem.

The phone works fine but my internet keeps going down. The modem is connected to an Archer C8 Router. Within the first week the I had 6 no internet issues. The status lights on the modem indicated that the internet was connected. Power cycling the modem would bring it back.

The last time I noticed that the router was telling me "cable disconnected". I replaced the cable with no success.

Cox did a truck roll for the problem and the field tech didn't have a clue. He replaced the modem with a different one. It just did the same thing this AM. Router says cable not connected.

I connected direct to my PC and the PC said no connection. Power cycling the modem fixes it. Obviously there is something flakey with the ethernet port on this modem.

Any body else experience this or have any ideas?