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Capped internet secretly?

So... I was just looking around on my app and it turns out my internet that i pay 200+ dollars a month for isn't unlimited? Why is my internet capped? This seems like a great way to sneak in lower and lower caps later. Capping is so shady. Cox you should be ashamed to be part of the problem. When i ordered the service i was told it was unlimited, no one ever said it was capped. You just raised your prices too, wow I've been telling everyone how good Cox is and how much it was a relief to see a company that has gotten it right. I'm from South Carolina and i had Charter communications, while they're not as fast as you guys at least they don't have caps!

  • It's never been unlimited, you just never bothered to find out. Charter never been unlimited either. They just throttle instead of capping. I would rather know when something is going to happen because of my bandwidth use rather then my ISP deciding on a whim because traffic is heavy that day. Yea caps ***, but they are the norm. now. Even FIOS has a soft cap, but it isn't enforced very often. You can complain all you want but it isn't going to change anything. FCC was the only hope before, and now they have no teeth.

  • Hi Darkfoxx,

    Please know Cox provides the Support Forums as a service to its customers to help them obtain technical support, exchange ideas and get information relating to our products and services. We are always listening to our customers, so thank you for the feedback.

    As internet needs and usage increase, Cox continues to invest in our network to keep up with demand. We aim to keep service affordable for the wide group of customers whose current plans meet their needs. We sent out notifications alerting our customers of the upcoming change. To help our customers get accustomed to data usage billing, we provided a grace period for two consecutive billing cycles before we began charging for additional blocks of data.

    Since you are spending $200.00 per month on your internet, I would surely recommend visiting for helpful tips to optimize usage. Most importantly, we offer an Unlimited Plan and an additional 500 GB plan to help cut possible overage costs. We would be happy to review your billing to see why it is so very high and offer suggestions. If so, feel free to email us at with your full name and address.


    Cox Support Forums Moderator