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COX please fix the spam folder problems!

Cox keeps sending personal NON spam emails to my spam folder. There is absolutely no logical reason for this.I keep clicking Not Spam but if the person replies again it's back in spam. Now my spam emails are encrypted by Cox. I can't click on any links. Some of these emails are from companies I have accounts with that I pay bills on. Cox sent an email from a funeral home to my spam. The email was to remind me of the anniversary of the death of a person I knew and I can't even click the links to read it. 

I want to eliminate the spam folder like I did in the previous email version. I have my settings set at No Spam Filtering. Doesn't that mean ALL email will go to my inbox? I've also got emails to my inbox that are marked Spam.  Makes no sense.

I wanted to put pic of an encrypted email but don't know how. I see the option above under Insert but don't understand how to post a pic from my computer photos. I do it all the time on other sites, etc. 

If there is something else I can do in settings or whatever please tell me. This has been going on for months!