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Cox Ultimate internet Package Speeds are very slow

Hi all,

I have the Ultimate package and my internet speeds are very slow ~20-22 upload and download. Purchased a new modem which is listed on the Cox Certified Cable Modems page and had Cox cable run new cable from the pole to my house with very little change in my speeds when tested. All testing is performed by directly connecting to the router and not using the wifi. Other test I changed out the cat6 ethernet cable and retested with same results. Listed below are my specs on my setup. Just not sure if my connection issue goes beyond the pole or on my end. Any input would help.

1. Netgear - Model C6300  /  DOCSIS 3.0  /  16x4 channel

2. Lenovo Thinkpad  /  win10 64 bit  /  16 GB memory

3. New cable from pole to my house