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Unable to Host Share Play on Playstation 4 / PS4

I can join others on Share Play all day long, but no one can connect to me when I host Share Play. While my speeds test WAY above the minimum for this activity, my signal is never strong enough to host. Or so the errors say. I have found many others with this exact problem. And the common piece with us all is that we all have Cox for an ISP. It's fine if COX makes some change in policy or procedure and ends up blocking something that affects this functionality of my gaming system. But for me to have to call and write repeatedly for help on this and get the same responses, none of which include a solution, over and over, is unacceptable. I have done everything I possibly can to fix this issue on my end, over and over again, and it is still busted. Why not just admit you've blocked a port Sony uses for this feature instead of ****ing me around all the time? Surely the company knows of this issue. I can't be the ONLY person complaining about it. STOP resetting my router whenever I call about this. I do that before I call. I do it ALL before I call. Port forwarding, DMZ, all of it. There's a call history on your systems, no? Please read it before you treat me like I'm 5 and it's my first time calling anyone other than my Nana in Ft. Lauderdale. This weekend, I am bringing my PS4 out into the desert and hooking it up to someone's home who is not blessed with COX Internet. If Share Play works, if people are able to connect to me when I host Share Play, I'm going to expect an answer from you, COX, especially after you've just increased by bill. AGAIN.
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  • According to them, it's all you. :)

    It's probably the fault of the provider between Cox and Sony. That's where most internet traffic jams happen. Can you post some of the data? Router logs, modem logs, tracert, return pathping, etc. If nothing else, do you have a link to a post somewhere else this is being discussed?

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