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Cox Webmail marks non-SPAM emails as SPAM

Cox Webmail continues to mark emails as SPAM, even when they aren't SPAM, but they let ones that are SPAM through. I have marked them as non-SPAM, but cox continues to send them to the SPAM folder. I do not have any emails blocked, so that isn't the issue. Any suggestions short of finding another provider?
  • update.  today, 5 non-spam emails in my spam folder.

    2 phishing emails in my inbox. 

    oh and i could not forward one to the targeted business yesterday...BECAUSE IT MAY CONTAIN SPAM!  and yet, there it was in my inbox.

    like the government, this went to the lowest bidder.  has cox thought about hiring 16-18 year olds to develop it's own email? i'm sure they could do a better job.  go to defcon next year & hire some talent!

    i assume my ticket is still open?

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