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Cox Webmail marks non-SPAM emails as SPAM

Cox Webmail continues to mark emails as SPAM, even when they aren't SPAM, but they let ones that are SPAM through. I have marked them as non-SPAM, but cox continues to send them to the SPAM folder. I do not have any emails blocked, so that isn't the issue. Any suggestions short of finding another provider?
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  • they screwed my email up last july.  i am STILL telling them that this one particular travel site is NOT SPAM! and they don't like me getting mail from feinstein or harris! hummm...and why would anyone think that marine toys for tots is spam?? yet i have had spam supposedly from cox on several occasions in my inbox.  

    early on i tried setting up filters to let ANYTHING with certain words through.  they were putting all my amazon order notifications in christmas!!

    i think they are using us as free labor to build the data base.  i actually had 2 spam emails today both sent twice, and once they went to spam, the duplicates came to my inbox.

    there is no rhyme or reason.