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New messages not loading in MyEmail

I have only just started using the new email interface, but new messages are not loading to the inbox. I have tried a number of things, including clearing my cache and reloading without caching. I know there are emails on the server because they arriving at my phone. Why does this happening? Is there a setting that I am missing?

  • Stellar,

    Are you deleting the messages or moving them to other folders when you view the messages on your phone before checking webmail? If you are set up on your phone using IMAP your phone and webmail should exactly mirror each other. This is how most new phones configure email by default these days.

    If you check your mail on any device using POP where you have the option to remove messages from the server enabled that device will be the only device where you will find those messages.

  • No, I have not been deleting any emails via my phone or from Outlook on my home computer. Right now, my phone shows 17 new emails, plus a few that I have already read (but not deleted). All that shows in the new email interface is three old messages that I am pretty sure I already put in folders a few days ago.

    I have also tried hitting Refresh, but nothing happens.The emails are not being delivered from the server.


    This is still happening. I cannot access my email through the new interface. I am still seeing only the three emails that have been displaying for days now. I can get them on my phone and using Outlook, so I know they are hitting the server, they are just not being pulled into the webmail interface. Was this even tested before it was rolled out?

  • Hi Stellar,

    The link provided below will assist you with this issue.

    Please check the settings on each of the devices you use to check your email.

  • check to see if your accounts have been set to Inactive. There is no warning or error messages if Cox has set them to Inactive except no emails out or in