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Emiail Accounts set InActive every day or two

How much longer will I have to check my Email Accounts to see if they are set to Inactive?

I am currently checking first thing in the morning, once or twice during the day and once at night to see if some Email Accounts have been set to Inactive and Reactivate them if needed. It is a pain to do but would not have to do it so often but any Email sent to me, while the Email Account is Inactive, is lost and the sender gets no Notification that their email was not received. It would be better if the Emails sent to me were stored so when I Reactivate the Accounts, the Emails send while Inactive would be received  by me. Furthermore, I get no Notification that an Email Account has been set to Inactive,  then I would not have to check three or four times a day. Also, when my Email Software is checking the Accounts to send and receive, no error message is displayed indicating the Account is Inactive.

  • At least you can check.

    while  and will let me log in with the current parental password, it will not let me into  " my profile" so I can't check. 

    I am beginning to pick up the lingo, which makes things faster...once we get a person.  If they are experiencing higher than normal call volume....

    YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Fix it. 

  • Hi BobCo,

    A ticket for this issue was submitted on your behalf. We'll let you know as soon as we receive more details or any updates.

  • Still having Email accounts being set to Inactive - when they are active, I send and receive from all Accounts to make sure the servers do not think no one is using the accounts.

    one issue is that when I Reactivate the accounts, I do not get an email asking me to verify my recovery email address.  i reset my Password and I get notices that the passwords were changed but not to verify the recovery addresses.

    I check three times a day to make sure the Accounts have not been set to inactive since there is no notification that any account has been set to inactive

  • BobCo,

    Cox is working on a notification for times of inactivity. There is a ticket open and your experience of inactivity reoccurring is being investigated. While the ticket (CUI000006072548) is open, are you taking these steps to reactivate?

    From the My Account page, you click View My Profile,
    Click the users & Email Accounts tab,
    Locate the User ID with the inactive email account, then click Reactivate email Account.
    Confirm that you would like to reactivate an email account by clicking Reactivate Email Account.

    The result after these steps is a green confirmation message. After this, please sign into with the reactivated email account to confirm access.

  • what is a "the result after these steps is a green confirmation message."  ?? I do not get a message that an account has been inactivated or reactivated. If there was such emails, I would not have to log in and go to the Profile/User Accounts page and check three times a day.

    I have had to reactive some Email Accounts every day or so. I check early in the morning to check which ones have been set to Inactive and then I Reactivate them and I then sent an email to the account and send an email from the account to tell the Server " I am an active Account". 

    However,  again this morning an account was set to Inactive even though I have been doing the above procedure for three weeks now. so this morning I sent and received an email through this account after I  reactivated it ..