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private email server

I have used and port 25 to reach my private email server from Thunderbird for almost 7 years. Today, after several hours on the phone with Cox I still cannot send any email. Does anyone know if there is a new port we can use? Not 25/465/587 as they all return a 5.1.1 error.

  • @Hradcany

    All available resources are engaged to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

  • I spent more than an hour on hold for tech support to resolve this 5.1.1 error message generated while trying to send out email, and all I finally was told is they are working on it. Now 30 hours later, it's still not working. Interesting that e-mail to a account goes through, but all other non-Cox email recipients generate the message ("The server responded 5.1.1 <name> relaying not allowed. Please check the recipient and try again". Lousy service!! Until you can resolve this, 1) broadcast an e-mail message about the problem and the status of it's resolution, and 2) resume allowing SMTP port 25 and no password/authentication, and no SSL security, so your customers can at least send unsecured e-mails if they choose.

    This is not too much to ask for the cost of our pricey Cox internet service!


  • Cox is trying to fix something, but doing it badly. I fight with mine get it running and then it stops Again. The relay is the latest issue.

    It might be time to look at Office365 Home.   It’s $100 per year and covers up to five people. 

  • @Anthonyd,

    If you are receiving relay error messages, please check the smtp server name and settings. This should remedy the problem.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

  • doesnt work. any idea when you'll get it fixed.