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Internet Connection Dropped - Netgear Router Settings

Is there a certain setting that needs to be enable/disabled for the Netgear Routers? I have run the setup feature using the Netgear Genie still losing the internet connection.

Moved to the current house in November, used the same cox provided Netgear Router from previous address that worked great.

Router at the home began to drop internet connection. Wireless devices are still connected to the router as well as hard wire computer, no internet connection. Have to reboot the router.

Upgraded to a new Netgear Router. Same problem is still happening.

I have to reset the router through the Netgear Genie.

Cox support says the internet connection has not been lost must be the router. Make me sign up for the Networking support just to talk to a networking specialist and she offered nothing.

Anyone have this same problem with the Netgear Routers?

  • One possibility that comes to mind is maybe there is an issue with the Ethernet connection between the modem and the router.  It might be worth trying a different Ethernet cord if you haven't yet. 

  • I recently replaced a Linksys wired router with a Netgear N900 wireless router (WNDR4500V2) and I am now having the same problem.  The internet connection is dropped once per day, nearly every day, generally during the middle of the day, and usually when none of the connected systems are active.  I have tried every suggestion I could find on this topic from the Netgear online forum -- except back-leveling the firmware -- without success. 

    The Linksys wired router did not have this problem.  Other than the almost daily internet connection drop, the Netgear wireless router seems to be working fine.  The drop problem has become pretty maddening, though.  

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks!  

    -- Stan  

  • I have the same exact problem, same router. Net gear even sent me a new router, same dropped daily connection. Cox tech came out a week ago, replaced some connections and a cable. Worked for a while, but dropped last night. Starting to think reliability is more important to me than extra speed. Is Cox listening? Very Frustrating

  • I have tried a different cable from the modem to the router, Cox has swapped the modem out, I have adjusted the MTO size, unchecked a box in the WAN setup, all suggestion found on the internet, still dropping the connection. 

    I may have to purchase a new router of a different brand.

    It is becoming very frustrating. 

  • The next time you see it occur before you reset anything if you log into the router and verify if the public/Wan Ip address is valid or if it resets to 0's or is blank that will verify if its only dropping there or if it is on the modems end locking up on routing or issuing DHCP information there.