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Can anyone at COX confirm that there was a security breach that left subscribers EMAIL accounts susceptible to HACKING.

My EMAIL was clearly HACKED and there has been no announcement from COX, just a cryptic message asking subscribers to check security settingss!

  • Hello Jimfed67,

    There has been no breach that I have heard anything about. Like many other email administrators, we are moving away from port 25 and other mail ports that do not have the same level of security.

  • Can you explain how a third party was able to reset a username and password on an account where my cox email is used to send a validation code in order to change said username and password??

    Someone had access to my cox account, otherwise they wouldn't have acquired the validation code.

    The attack originated in China.

  • I want to look into this more and I am not sure that I have all the details I need in order to assist you with this. Did you receive an email telling you that your email was compromised? Can you paste a copy of the email here, leaving out any account information?

  • I didn't get an email. It's circumstantial evidence.

    1.) In order to change a username/password combination on a third party site you need to have a verified email address.

    2.) Perpetrator has my email address for the third party website.

    3.) Perpetrator does not have a password, they click on forgot password.

    4.) Third party sends a confirmation code to my email address.

    5.) Perpetrator has access to my email and uses the code sent along by the third party to reset username and password on third party website.

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  • My wife had the same exact thing happen, also from a account which is why I am here as well. Also an Amazon Account