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"Service Interrupted" message STILL there!

And for some reason you locked the other thread about this with no explanation. So I will repeat some of it:

And this is still an issue after a call last week and this thread. And a previous thread a week or so before. So where does a customer go when a tech company is clearly giving them false information and refusing to take measures to correct it, and trying to scare less-savvy users into upgrading to Cox's equipment, by presenting a big red message to the customer telling them something is wrong with their equipment when there isn't? I'm not sure yet, but I will certainly find out.

  • What is Cox doing about this?

    How about a straight answer?

  • smtips,

    We're looking into this and will let you know when we have more information.

  • Okay, this is another TWO WEEKS.

    So how about being HONEST and telling your customers what's happening?

    You've had plenty of time.

    Send me email with an explanation of what the issue is and what you're really doing about it and who you've notified to correct it.

  • Okay, can someone tell me who to contact at Cox about this? Now you're ignoring me. I've had enough and it's time to put this problem to rest or get your retention people involved. I will only wait 3 more days to hear something concrete from you people about this issue before I pursue it in other ways.

    I try to be nice about these things, but EVERY time I have issues with Cox it's like running into a GD brick wall to get a straight answer or any action done. I'm very very tired of this kind of nonsense.