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Email quirks

Since most email in my spam folder is now legit email I have question...

when I mark it legit, where does it go? I cannot see it in my "inbox" but if I download to my mail client it USUALLY but not always downloads. Today I pulled 2 out and only 1 downloaded.  I cannot find the other in "trash" on my webmail nor did it download nor is it in spam.  It has actually disappeared.

like my money every month I pay cox!

and thanks for having me check spam twice a day now. I have so much time for that. 

  • Hi socal transplant,

    Marking the emails as not spam should not move it. This should only report it as not spam.  Have you tried using the safe sender's list to mark the said items as safe?

  • do i REALLY have to mark amazon as "safe?"  cox has put every email i've gotten from amazon this season in my spam folder. including another one tonight, in spite of the fact that i flag it as NOT spam, transfer it into my inbox, download to my email client and THEN send it...with full headers ...and increasingly abusive language i'm afraid, to "," which i didn't know existed until i read another post. WHY can't this company get this spam filter under control??

    and it DOES move it. after i give it a thumbs up, it totally disappears from my webmail, but when i download to my mail's there. so, you are incorrect about the process. 

    and once again...i am NOT getting notifications when there are responses to my posts.  your 3rd party is not doing it's job again.  but i'm still paying for it.

  • @social transplant,

    If your mail client does not have the option checked to save a copy to the service, then the mail client will delete the email from our webmail service when downloading. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

  • allen, my mail client DOES leave it on the server. i think i've confused you. can't get used to this "folder" designation business.

    mail goes into my spam folder. but it's legit mail. i click it as "thumbs up." it leaves the spam folder, but does not show up in my inbox folder. i download to my mail client. it's there. and THEN, if i go back to the webmail, it IS in my inbox folder. so it's being moved. but it temporarily totally disappears!

    i leave stuff on the server so i can selectively delete what i'll never need, but keep emails that i might need if i have a computer failure.  it's a safety net. it also has all my friends & important email addresses.  i've lost them all twice now & it's a pain. i'm not crazy...really! there's a method to my madness!

  • @socal transplant,

    How long is it taking to move from one folder to the next? Also, is this happening with multiple emails from the same sender?


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.