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Correct IPv6 Setting for Netgear R7000?

On an Ultimate package in Orange County, for a Netgear R7000 router behind a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, what is the correct IPv6 setting to use in the routers config page: 6to4Tunnel? DHCP? Static? Auto Config? Is there a need to designate a DHCP host?

This is a simple home connection with only internet service and just two devices; no TV, no phone.


    The IPV6 setting you want is DHCP. There's no need to designate a host or configure any other settings. You want your router to obtain everything automatically from the modem.

  • Thanks. After doing that DNS lookups were slow. However, I understand the R7000 has an idiosyncrasy regarding IPv6 DNS settings. When setting IPv6 to DHCP, the router then chooses DNS address as follows: "Get automatically from ISP". That's where the problem in the router lies.

    Here's what I did to fix and resolve the issue.

    In the IPv6 router settings page, in the "Internet Connection Type" field I chose Auto Detect and clicked Apply. The Internet Connection Type field then showed DHCP. In the IPv6 DNS Address section the router defaulted to "Get automatically from ISP" but I also noticed the DNS addresses were populated but grayed out in the primary and secondary DNS fields. I then selected "Use These DNS Servers" and clicked Apply. After the router rebooted everything was lickity split fast with no lag and finally showed a score of 10/10.

     If you still find a problem after doing the above, from a command line prompt in Windows you can do ipconfig /release AND ipconfig /release6 THEN ipconfig /renew to get everything talking correctly OR simply reboot the computer which will do the same thing in releasing and renewing the network adapter.


    Hope this helps.


    Glad you were able to resolve the issue please let us know if you have further concerns.