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OKC Area - Ultimate Package speed increase any time soon?

Subject basically says it all. I'm wondering when the 50/5 package I have will move up to the 100/20 that's available in other Cox market. I know Omaha recently moved up to the 100/20. The main reason I've stuck with the normal residential package instead of moving up to Home Office is because with a 5mbit upload you can't really reliably stream anything from a home server. 20mbit isn't perfect for that, but it's a lot better than 5mbit.

Any one have any idea when OKC will get its speed increase?


Edit: And for the record. I am NOT running a server out of my house right now, but I would like to be able to.

  • The Ultimate speed upgrades are being rolled out over the coming months including OKC but there is not a specific date we have set for it yet, when that changes and we have specifics we will let you know and you will see it in the news section of your statements as well.