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D3.1 Gigablast Activation: Is Pro Install really needed???

Hi!   I currently have the Ultimate package in Phoenix area.  Have a Docsis 3.1 modem (Netgear CM1000) with 1 bonded OFDM downstream channel (159, 300MHz, SNR over 40dB).  I added the gigablast option via cox internet order website and received direction to call to complete.

When I call the sales rep won't complete the order without a "pro install" truck roll for $75.    Per reports on dslreports cox forum - a truck is NOT required but some sales reps are demanding it while other sales reps are transitiioning order to complete to trigger a modem provision and all ends up well.

Some would-be-upgraders denied by less-trained sales reps are simply calling in many times to  get a 'trained' rep.  Is there secret we can use to get the sales rep to execute the order without a trick roll?    I hate being the jerk that has to escalate to supervisor and not willing to call in a dozen times to get lucky..   Any hints on how I can to get past the sales rep so pay Cox more money for the upgrade?

  • Hello CarlH,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media team. I apologize for any incorrect information that you've received. Gigablast requires a serviceability check and a professional installation. We recently announced that Ultimate can be self-installed in certain markets. So that I can check your address for serviceability please send an email with this forum post to include your name and address. Thanks
  • Your question wasn't really answered, I don't think Karen gets it (Gigablast for Docsis 3.1 vs Fiber). Try again. If you want Gigablast for Docsis 3.1 and you know you have a good connection (you do) then you do not need professional installation.

    This thread has all of your answers.

  • Thanks Rattler!  No the question was not really answered.  We are getting a canned response from the Cox reps instead of a true technical report . As indicated in the DSLreports post - MANY in Phoenix are self-installing D3.1 gigablast after calling in.   It seems to be "luck of the draw" on sales reps - if you happen to get lucky and contact a trained rep you are good to go.  If you get an untrained rep you have to needlessly pay $75 for a useless truck roll.

    As xymox1 states " think this is just wrong info.. Back when I first tried this I was told over and over and over again by top level supervisors stuff that only applied to fiber no matter what I told them.

    There is a serious training gap here that Ciox really needs to address in a emergency manner.

    In phoenix its completely self service, they only check to be sure you have the right modem then pull the switch.."

    I'll wait on giving Cox my extra $20 a month for a service I don't really need until Cox gets everyone up to speed.