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Sending emails from the United Kingdom

We are in the UK for several weeks and had planned on using our iPads and Cox emails. We can receive emails but not send them. I've  I've signed into webmail thinking that might solved the problem by so registering our location but nothing has changed. I've searched the Cox web site but nothing. What have I missed. We are somewhat dependent on being able to use our Cox emails on our iphones and iPads. Help


  • Hello H2OExpert,

    When you logged into your Webmail, did you try to send an email from the website?  If so, were you able to send successfully?

  • Yes, their is no problem sending and recieving from web mail. But webmail is very inconvenient to us while traveling. The problem is sending and replying to incoming emails from our iPhones and iPads while we are in the U.K. Traveling. We are able to receive but not send. We get a message that our "user name or password is incorrect" and it is not. There is something goofy going on with cox and their server and/or security settings. We are on the UK's EE 4G network which is the largest in the U.K. I'm not having any problems a business gmail account.

  • Hi H2OExpert,

    It has to do with an extra layer of security Cox added to provide protection against identity theft, data breaches, and fraud. This security has been found to sometimes block overseas users from legitimately logging into their Cox account. This is why the email client on your iPhones and iPads tells you "user name or password is incorrect".

    We have a process in place to escalate and resolve these issues. Please email our team at with your full name, address, a link to this page, and your current location in the UK.

  • Thanks, but I've tried twice to send an email to and get a delivery failure message that address can't be found. I copied and pasted te address out of your message to me. The Cox network really has problems and I'm paying really to much for a failing system can you forward this to them.

  • As of today, 10/12/17, now for two weeks, Cox has not resolved this issue nor do I think they have tried. I have tried to email from several computers with the same results, a delivery failure message.  I have gone to cox web mail, a real pain in the neck while traveling, and yes I can receive and send but that hasn't changed the situation using our iPhones or iPads. Cox needs to post in their user instructions and predominantly, that their cox email service will not work in Europe and possibly any where outside the USA. This has been very problematic to us on this trip in trying to keep up with friends, especially with those in the fire impacted areas of Northern California.